Boutique Guitar Fx Pedals from the heart of Central Europe


Founded in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary, Kasleder Effects has been creating high-quality guitar effect pedals since 2006.

In the early 2000s, with the exception of a handful of small companies, hand-made boutique pedals, amplifiers and guitars in Europe did not have the same level of hype that they do today and were practically non-existent in this part of the world.

My initial goal was to open the eyes of local guitar players to the world of boutique pedals and to prove that it was possible to create high-quality stomp boxes in the „Eastern block” as well.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, we have access to pretty much anything we want today and the variety at our disposal is huge.

So what makes Kasleder Effects pedals unique when compared to other high-end brands out there on the market?

While always trying to keep up with modern trends, I like to add a pinch of Eastern European spice to the way the pedals look and sound.

I believe that a healthy combination of these two worlds is essential to the magical soul of Kasleder pedals.

What do I mean by ‘Eastern European spices’?  To ensure that my products are extremely reliable and endure the test of time, I incorporate only the highest quality components that are available on the market, all of these parts are hand picked and the pedals are built by hand, not by automated machines.

Hand-soldering really does mean soldering all of the components in by hand during the production phase and this extra painstaking effort ensures the longevity of these pedals.

My motto is that the quality components and the notorious Kasleder workmanship that hide within, should be directly reflected by the stylish appearance of the enclosure.

Another secret to the ‘Eastern Mojo recipe’ is the use of extremely rare, almost unobtainable components (transistors, diodes, ICs, etc..) and their incorporation into the circuit architecture is a standard feature in all series of Kasleder pedals.

As these rare spices give Kasleder Effects their fundamental flavour, they definitely give each series a unique character and have great influence on the way they sound.

I have deep insight into each phase of the design and production processes, both from an engineer’s as well as an actively performing bass player’s perspective, therefore the end product is not ‘just another drop in the ocean of pedals’, but each unit has that extra mystique that cannot be detected by measuring equipment.  I believe some refer to this phenomena as art.

Albert Kasleder


Another pivotal member of the Kasleder Effects team is Eszter Budavari, who is an extremely talented graphic designer.

Her outstanding work can be seen not only on Kasleder, but on Höfner effect pedals as well.


Since 2014, we have had the honour of teaming up with the legendary and prestigious Höfner Guitars company from Germany, which means that since then, we have been designing the ‘ins and outs’ of their high-end boutique guitar effect pedals as well.  As I am a huge fan of the Beatles and the Höfner Violin Bass, this collaboration is truly an honour for me.


The launch of our new website marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in the life of Kasleder Effects.  After a little over 10 years of operation, we have given our brand image and concept a complete make-over:  A new logo, new appearance, new sounds.

We have designed and produced a wide variety of effects between 2006 and 2017, an era that was filled with many beautiful and educational moments.

From 2019, we continue our journey on a more mature and uniform path, focusing on boost, overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals that have greater character.

We hope you enjoy and find just as much joy when playing them, as we had while creating them. 😉

New Chapter