Black Boy Overdrive Pedal

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It is a classic, vintage tone overdrive pedal. The Black Boy actually introduces Kasleder Effect’s latest researches in the development of the legendary Tube Screamer circuitry.

Wide range control of the Drive knob opens an amazing spectrum of sounds that reveals many functions this pedal can offer. It can serve You as a clean booster as well as a soft distortion with a liquid, naturally compressed sound. The Kasleder Black Boy OD is definitely not a high-gain distortion pedal, however it delivers the thick overdrive sound of those fabulous 80’s Marshall tube amps.

The Black Boy OD can be the perfect choice for many musical styles from fusion jazz to modern metal. Whether you have an istrument with single coil or humbucking pickups, you’ll find your own setting in seconds – satisfaction guaranteed.

The unique textured sound of the Black Boy OD is delivered by a rare combination of silicon and LED diodes inside. The result is a soundscape quite thick, organic, transparent, well defined and dinamically reactant. The Black Boy OD can co-operate with other stompboxes very well. When used as a booster it adds a nice character to your sound while keeps your guitar’s original tone very much alive.

The two-band EQ circuitry is truely revolutionary in this effects pedal. Both graphic EQ knobs work separately so it becomes possible to boost or cut both frequency ranges independently.



VOLUME: set output volume.

DRIVE: set amount of distortion.

TREBLE: set up to 15dB boost or cut in high frequency range.

BASS: set up to 15dB boost or cut in low frequency range.

All Kasleder effects pedals are True Bypass, built of high quality parts (Alpha potmeters, Neutrik jack plugs, Nichicon, Wima and Philips caps) to offer a no compromise solution for musicians with the highest expectations.


Effect Type
€155 -> €116 Summer Sale!!!
Custom Painted Metal
1/4 Jack
DC 9V adaptor (2.1mm Neg. Tip) or 9V Battery
On/Off Switch
True Bypass
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