Pelion Overdrive Pedal

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If there ever was an overdrive pedal that every guitar player needs, then this is it!

The creation of the PELION overdrive was influenced by a legendary and mythical pedal that became one of the most sought-after overdrives on the planet.

During the development phase, we kept the fast and transparent character but added a fresh new twist to the original design, making it easier to incorporate the pedal with more modern amps and guitars that are available today.
Using the “Gain” pot, we can navigate through a wider spectrum of grit ranging from a perfectly clean boost with a lot of headroom, to a medium gain overdrive, so whatever style you are playing, this pedal has you covered.  Instead of drastically changing the original character of your guitar tone, it enhances it and lets you concentrate more on your playing.

Weather you want to use it for boosting other drive pedals, or for adding just slight bit of breakup to your amp, this pedal serves as an ideal solution in both situations.

Due to the huge amount of headroom, the PELION overdrive sounds more like a valve amp then a pedal and enhances the natural character of your tone and works incredibly well with other pedals as well, so in other words:

With this pedal, you cannot go wrong!



OUTPUT: set output volume.

TREBLE: set the high frequency range.

GAIN: set amount of distortion and blend in beetween the clean and the drive side.

POWER SUPPLY: the unit runs on a 9V battery or Boss type DC 9Volts adaptor (negative tip and only DC9V!!!). The circuitry has a very low current draw.

All Kasleder effects pedals are True Bypass, built of high quality parts (Alpha potmeters, Neutrik jack plugs, Nichicon, Wima and Philips caps) to offer a no compromise solution for musicians with the highest expectations.


Effect Type
Professional Overdrive
Custom Painted Metal
1/4 Jack
Only (!!!) DC 9V adaptor (2.1mm Neg. Tip) or 9V Battery
On/Off Switch
True Bypass
Current Draw