Pressure Drop Compressor/Limiter Pedal

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Are you always looking for easy ways to add more beef and spice to the tone of your guitar, without changing the basic character of it? The operating principle behind the PRESSURE DROP Compressor/Limiter Pedal was based on the legendary LA2A opto compressor/limiter and has been retro-fit to squeeze into a small stomp-box enclosure. We can hear millions of recordings where the LA2A was used, not only on guitars, but on countless other instruments as well and the PRESSURE DROP compressor/limiter is no different as it also likes to be used with many different types of instruments. Experimenting can produce some interesting sonic results.

In terms of functionality, the pedal is very versatile and can be used not only as a compressor, but as a limiter, a clean booster or even as an “Always-on” type of pedal that is used to sonically enrich the basic tone of the instrument by leaving it permanently engaged. Even though the difference might be subtle, it’s power can really only be noticed once the effect is disengaged and the listener realises that it was better with it on. It is easy to get hooked on it…

Finger style players find that it not only enhances and balances their tone, but that it reinforces their love for playing their instruments as well.

Another useful application of the PRESSURE DROP pedal is using it as a limiter to stabilize and enhance the character of a Bass Guitar’s Tone within a musical environment. If you want to add a pinch of Overdrive, Boost or Punch to your sound, then look no further for the solution.

A unit that has recently gained popularity and status of being the enigmatic “missing link” in the Angus Young guitar tone, is the Schaffer wireless unit, especially when used in conjunction with a Gibson SG and a Marshall Amp. The first ever wireless unit made by Ken Schaffer for the electric guitar was an integral part of the legendary AC/DC guitar tone, as it gave an extra punch to Angus’s amplifier, producing those signature, explosive guitar tones that can be heard on AC/DC records and live shows.

This concept with the Schaffer wireless unit works the same way when using LA2A type limiters, therefore we can recreate this same desired effect with the PRESSURE DROP pedal in order to produce very pleasing sonic results.

These studio quality compressor/limiter pedals using the best quality components.

Hiding under the bonnet and at the heart of the PRESS TO COMPRESS pedal is a low-noise optical compressor that smooths out your signal while preserving signal integrity thanks to it’s premium audio grade components. It uses a custom opto-coupler to produce up to 30dB of very smooth and musical-sounding compression.



LEVEL: set output volume.

ATTACK: set amount of the input gain. You can change the transparency of the compression.

COMPRESS: set amount of gain reduction of the input signal.

POWER SUPPLY: the unit runs on a 9V battery or Boss type DC 9Volts adaptor (negative tip). The circuitry has a very low current draw.

All Kasleder effects pedals are True Bypass, built of high quality parts (Alpha potmeters, Neutrik jack plugs, Nichicon, Wima and Philips caps) to offer a no compromise solution for musicians with the highest expectations.


Effect Type
Studio Quality Optical Compressor/Limiter
Custom Painted Metal
1/4 Jack
DC 9V adaptor (2.1mm Neg. Tip) or 9V Battery
On/Off Switch
True Bypass
Current Draw