Silicon Ace Of Face Fuzz Pedal

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The brand new series of Kasleder Ace Of Face pedals are to invoke the most iconic sounds of the 60’s fuzz history with a few useful modifications making it a fun to use device with electric guitars of nearly all kind.

Kasleder Fx proudly introduces the Silicon Ace Of Face fuzz pedal. The circuitry of the pistachio green unit is based on two matched NOS BC silicon transistors inside. These transistors were responsible for the sound of the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and Vox Tone Bender Mk1.5 pedals as well.

The Kasleder Si Ace Of Face faithfully reproduces the tonal qualities of the original Fuzz Face stompboxes so delivers a sound true to it’s great predecessors. However it’s circuitry is based on the classic Fuzz Face circuitry, it has a few modifications to meet the demands of the present day player.

The Silicon version of Ace Of Face do sound different from the Germanium version, with a more harsh and aggressive clipping as opposed to the “soft” clipping characteristics of Germanium.

We recommend this fuzz candy to the Hendrix, SRV and Clapton fans and for all vintage fuzz fan guitarists.



VOLUME: set output volume.

FUZZ: set amount of fuzz.

BODY: set input signal’s low frequency range. This feature makes it possible to sync the GE Acid Fuzz circuitry with guitar pickups of nearly all kind. By filtering the input’s low frequency range the Ace Of Face pedal is ready to bring out the most of your guitar’s natural sound character. Setting BODY to minimum, FUZZ and SUSTAIN knobs to 12 o’clock the pedal is ready to serve you as a Treble Booster such as the famous Dallas Rangemaster.

SUSTAIN: set the input impedance of the circuitry taking the job over from your guitar’s volume knob when the pedal is switched ON. It is an important characteristic of the FF circuitry that its fuzz texture gets more “clean” as input signal level turned lower so distortion level can be minimized – this feature was known to all the great fuzz users. This function can be really useful if you do not wish to use your guitar’s volume knob while playing.

POWER SUPPLY: the unit runs on a 9V battery or Boss type DC 9Volts adaptor (negative tip). The original FF pedals were running on batteries only. The Kasleder Ace Of Face pedal has a built in polarity exchanger so can be used in line with other fx pedals powered in the same daisy chain. The circuitry has a very low current draw.

All Kasleder effects pedals are True Bypass, built of high quality parts (Alpha potmeters, Neutrik jack plugs, Nichicon, Wima and Philips caps) to offer a no compromise solution for musicians with the highest expectations.


Effect Type
€145 -> €109 Summer Sale!!!
Custom Painted Metal
1/4 Jack
DC 9V adaptor (2.1mm Neg. Tip) or 9V Battery
On/Off Switch
True Bypass
Current Draw