Superfly Mk2 Fuzz Pedal

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We have been huge fans and admirers of the 60s and 70s fuzz tones for a long time. Some of our favourite fuzz tones come from the Tone Bender fuzz family. Kasleder’s Superfly fuzz pedal was born out of our passion and desire to recreate those raw and authentic Tone Bender fuzz tones from back in the day. One of the many “hopeless-romantic” aspects of vintage circuit boards is the fact that not only are they very simple in design, they are constructed from very special components as well.

A lot of people try to copy these pedals, many of them forgetting that the secret to the tone lies hidden within the fine details. Using very specific types of resistors, capacitors (especially transistors and diodes) makes a huge difference in terms of finding that authentic Tone Bender tone. We take pride in our pedals and find it essential to work with the most authentic parts that are available to us. Each Fuzz pedal has a unique flavour and atmosphere, there are no two that are identical, not even within the same series of the production line. This “anomaly” is considered to be a normal phenomena due to the imperfect nature of vintage electronic parts, but mysteriously at the same time, this is what gives each pedal its unique voice that we all love and treasure.

The Superfly Mk2 is based on the legendary 1965 Sola Sound Tone Bender Mk2 germanium fuzz pedal. Made famous by Jimmy Page, the legendary guitar player from Led Zeppelin, the pedal became an integral part of the band’s rebellious guitar tone. The “roots” of the Superfly Mk2 came from the same circuit design, using the same authentic electronic parts, but in order to keep up with the ever-changing trends and needs for innovation, we have incorporated a few additional features that are actually very useful for the player.

The birth of our Superfly Mk2 is the result of many years of trial and error. We experimented with mixing-and-matching hundreds of different types of germanium transistors together, before finally finding the perfect combination of 3 very rare Germanium transistors. To our ears, this uncovers the secret to that pure Tone Bender Mk2 tone.

Even though the original Tone Bender pedals only ran on a battery, we included a standard BOSS type 9V DC adaptor jack (negative center), that has built-in phase inverters allowing the pedal to be daisy chained easily and without any problems.

We hope you like it!



LEVEL: set output volume.

ATTACK: set amount of fuzz.

PRE GAIN: set the input impedance of the circuitry taking the job over from your guitar’s volume knob when the pedal is switched ON. It is an important characteristic of the TB circuitry that its fuzz texture gets more “clean” as input signal level turned lower so distortion level can be minimized – this feature was known to all the great fuzz users. This function can be really useful if you do not wish to use your guitar’s volume knob while playing.

All Kasleder effects pedals are True Bypass, built of high quality parts (Alpha potmeters, Neutrik jack plugs, Nichicon, Wima and Philips caps) to offer a no compromise solution for musicians with the highest expectations.


Effect Type
€175 -> €129 Summer Sale!!!
Custom Painted Metal
1/4 Jack
DC 9V adaptor (2.1mm Neg. Tip) or 9V Battery
On/Off Switch
True Bypass
Current Draw